I have never been a feminist but, I somehow found myself deeply moved by the state of Women’s affairs in India. With the rape and death of the innocent, young woman in Dehli, I felt compelled to put pen to paper – figuratively –  to bring to light not only the plight and the struggle of women in India, but around the world.

Firstly, I would like to define what I mean by sexual violence: sexual contact with a person without their consent, through coercion, or by force.

Not enough is being done by our governmental systems to ensure protection for our women around the world. It is easy to sit at home and turn on your laptop or television sets, hear of atrocities committed around the world, and then go back to living your life as if nothing happened. But, something did happen and it happened to someone. If we don’t fight for their rights, then who will.

Ask yourself this, Can you imagine a world free of sexual violence against women? If the answer is no, then what are you doing about it?

I am in no way naively expecting this miniscule platform to change legislation and mindsets worldwide. I am however, going to do my part. I still have my voice and for what its worth, I choose to use it and be silent no longer.

My hope is that this forum will be an arena where we can share and discuss issues concerning this central topic. I will offer a variety of discussion areas and as a community we can come together to generate knowledge and most importantly, understanding.

What about our voice? It should be worth something, shouldn’t it? It should matter.



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  1. Great blog and great issue you are bringing to the forefront. I found your blog through the community pool here on WP. Keep up the good work.

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